The Philosophy and Science of Self-Control


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News articles, interviews, and other online articles:

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Using ‘The Hunger Games’ to Encourage Healthier Choices

Online videos, podcasts, and other media:

David Rand: natural cooperation. PopTech.

 For kids, self-control factors into future success. NPR.

How poverty reduces self-control. Inside Higher Ed.

Is ‘grit’ doomed to be the new self-esteem? NPR.

MacArthur ‘Genius’ on grit, self control and success. NPR.

Self control: Dan Ariely. TEDxDuke.

The marshmallow experiment – instant gratification.

What your brain looks like when you lose self-control. NPR.

Jesse Graham’s PowerPoint Lecture on willpower (Psych 201 – Lecture 16.Willpower)

Jesse Graham’s PowerPoint Talk on the PSSC Project (Graham Social Brownbag.Moralization of Self-control.2016.04.25)

Self-Control: Teaching Students About Their Greatest Inner Strength