The Philosophy and Science of Self-Control

Second-Round Philosophy of Self-Control Grant Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of our second-round grant competition:

 2016-2017 Philosophy of Self-Control Grant Winners

The rationality of self-control: Integrating perspectives from philosophy and decision theory

  • José Luis Bermúdez

The cornerstone of self-control.  A philosophical investigation into the role of mental time travel in overcoming temporal discounting.

  • Maria Erica Cosentino and Francesco Ferretti

Self-control through accountability to others

  • Katherine Hawley

Self-control, decision-making and mental effort

  • Stephen Kearns and Marcela Herdova

When self-control breaks down: Motor imagery and action initiation

  • Bence Nanay

 Executive and motivational self-control: How they interface and interact

  • Elisabeth Pacherie and Myrto Mylopoulous

Resisting the temptation of willpower

  • Sarah Paul and Jennifer Morton

Empathic self-control

  • David W. Shoemaker

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